No boob is an island. And this book would not be possible without the generous contributions from our amazing artists and collaborators.































Aylin is a ceramic artist living and working in Istanbul, where she makes joyful ceramic artefacts that focus on function and everyday life. She has exhibited her ceramics in several countries. “I am delighted to be part of this valuable project and to contribute to raising awareness of breast cancer around the world.”
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Bea is an illustrator and designer from Barcelona, based in Melbourne, with a love for colorful and dreamy compositions. She’s been awarded the 3x3 International Illustration Award.
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Blake is a Los Angeles based visual artist. Her work spans across various industries including music, fashion and tech and is recognized for its vibrant palettes and ethereal undertones with a surreal futurist aesthetic. Her contribution to this project was inspired through her own femininity and desire to aid an important cause with neon flair.

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Burak has worked as an Art Director with brands including Nike, Adidas, BBC, Coca Cola, Samsung, Doritos and Vodafone. He is now a freelance illustrator & multidisciplinary designer in Istanbul, Turkey and participates in social responsibility projects and group exhibitions. "Boobs are our very first meal, the first peaceful image of our memories. We have to do something to raise awareness of any kind of disease, to save them."
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Débora was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. A Graphic Designer, she uses different drawing techniques, such as watercolor, gouache, acrylic painting and digital illustration in her work with a range of publishers.
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Dilruba is a professionally poster designer and children’s magazine illustrator inspired by her imaginations and dreams. In her drawings, sometimes we find ourselves in a mythological world, sometimes in a scene that talks about feminism, current events, or a journey.
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Dorota is a Polish illustrator and artist depicting the inner and outer strength of women in a unique and fresh style.
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Edo is an award-winning Costa Rican illustrator, animator and comic artist. He won the Cape/Comica/Guardian Graphic Short Story Prize in 2019, and the Cheltenham Illustration Awards in 2018, both in the UK. His first graphic novel "Lobster Paradise" has been published in Spanish (Reservoir Books) and Italian (Oblomov); and soon to be in French (Ici Meme Editions). "My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor, so I want to conscientise people and make them aware."
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Ekaterina is an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer from Moscow, Russia. Her work is influenced by late soviet print graphics, kitsch, cartoons, bad taxidermy, and horror. She loves bright colors, phantasmagoric monsters, and all the crazy visual stuff.
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Eszter is a visual artist born in Taipei, raised in Los Angeles. Graduated with Honor from Art Center College of Design Pasadena, she co-founded her illustration and pattern design studio in Taipei City, working with clients like Apple, Burberry, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Louis Vuitton, Nike and many more.
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Eunho is an illustrator/designer working in Korea.  “I like to interpret trivial things in my own way. And I love to draw them into a variety of styles.”
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Eunjoo is a Korean illustrator based worldwide. She has an MFA from Glasgow School of Art and currently works as a freelance illustrator. She’s been awarded the AOI World Illustration Award, as well as many other honorable mentions.
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Fireye is an illustrator and artist from China creating cartoons and art that tickle your imagination and mind.
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FREDRIK COLTING-Creative Director

Fredrik is the Creative Director and Founder of Happyluja, a publishing company for books that change the world. An award-winning writer himself, winning the Moonbeam Award for best children’s books 2016, 2017 and 2019 and the L.A. Independent Film Festival, Fredrik is passionate about merging non-profit and social conscience with book projects that make a change.
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Gemma is a freelance Graphic Designer living in Melbourne/Naarm. She creates brand identities, custom typography and design artworks across mediums.
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Genie is an illustrator from Barcelona who mainly works with strong, powerful and unapologetic characters in a bold color palette and handmade typography. She's been longlisted for this year's WIA awards and is known to hide secret messages in her art.
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Iain is a freelance artist based in London, England and is a graduate of Swindon College with a degree in HND Illustration and fine art. His work has many elements to it such as surrealism, monochrome patterns, nature and oriental culture. Clients include Nike, Ride Snowboards, MTV Playground, Allsaints clothing, Game of thrones, Pepsi and many more.
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Isabella is an award-winning illustrator based in Milan, Italy. She creates her work using ink, watercolors and lots of love and has collaborated with both Italian and international clients. “My heart, and my boobs, are proud to have participated in this wonderful project!”
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Catarina is a Portuguese graphic designer and illustrator living in Barcelona. She finds inspiration in daily scenes in which women and nature are almost always the protagonists. “With this book we can contribute to something much bigger, help other people and give color/life to a problem that exists and make it lighter.”
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James is an award-winning London based artist/illustrator working in collage and mixed media. His work is playful, bold, contemporary and quirky and always with a sense of narrative and thought. Clients include Mailchimp, Facebook, Soho House, Wired Magazine and many more.
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Jiaqi is a Chinese-born, Los Angeles-based illustrator. Her visual stories often show people in daily situations with surreal elements as a backdrop. She has collaborated with brands such as Target, Apple, Google, WeWork and Forbes, among others.
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Jose is an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer that teaches illustration at the University of Buenos Aires. His inspiration comes from mythology, painting, cinema, animation and comics. His work is published in books in the US, Europe, and Asia.
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Jovana is a graphic designer and illustrator from Serbia, working in film and TV at a creative studio in Belgrade. Winner of a design award from National Geographic she also works on her own brand jdzo draws. “I am very grateful for the opportunity to work on this exciting project and hopefully my illustration will contribute to spreading information about breast cancer, while honoring women around the world.”
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Julia is an illustrator originally from Poland. She is now based in London and has exhibited her work all across the UK. “I’ve seen many campaigns focusing on sexualization of women in order to raise awareness about breast cancer - I'm delighted to be part of a project that seeks to do the opposite!”
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Justyna is an illustrator based in Warsaw, working on editorial, advertising, picture books and prints. Characteristic for her work is the pastel palette with textures, inspired by the classic 1950s and 1960s book covers, hand-printing techniques and old vinyl albums.
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Kirsten has a Master's in Illustration and Graphic Design and works as a freelance artist. The focus of her work has always been portraits and human life in general, in interesting compositions and color schemes that create an overall harmony. “As the female experience plays a huge role in my art, this collaboration gave me the opportunity to express a fragmented memory of my own.“
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Kirsten is an award-winning illustrator and designer living in New York City. Her work has been featured in the American Illustration Annual, the 3 x 3 International Illustration Annual, and in Taschen's book series “100 Illustrators”. Clients include: The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Los Angeles Times, Glamour, InStyle, and many more. Her collectible silk scarves are available at the Guggenheim Museum Store. "I love that boobs can be represented as simple circles. It is no coincidence that both symbolize life itself.”
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Kozmik is a Scottish illustrator who loves drawing characters, plants, cute warriors and other mind-bending strangeness. “I feel that this book and topic in general is SO VERY important because we need healthy women to push our world forward now more than ever.”
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Kuo-Cheng is a freelance illustrator based on Earth. “Be good to the world, be nice to the earth.”
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Kyonosuke is an award-winning illustrator in Tokyo working on a wide range of projects, including illustration for advertising, visual identity and book covers. His illustrations have received widespread acclaim for their sense of Japanese style.
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Lautaro is a graphic designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina specializing in illustration, animation and branding. Currently, working at a Buenos Aires renowned design studio Plenty as a 3D designer. 
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Loor is an illustrator and graphic designer from Ecuador who now lives in Barcelona. 
“I think humor sometimes helps you talk about and understand more serious things that aren’t always easy to talk about. That’s why I tried to illustrate some humor into my contribution.”
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Lucia is an independent visual artist from Vietnam, specializing in illustration, graphic design and creative direction. She uses bright, eye-catching colors and shapes to illustrate people and life. 
“When I received the invitation to be a part of this project, I was immediately happy to contribute my work to such an important cause, while being part of a group of so many other talented artists.”
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Marike is a South African freelance illustrator and lecturer at Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography. She has a MA in Visual Arts (cum laude) from Stellenbosch University. She is interested in storytelling through images, especially when it can educate and challenge perceptions. Some illustration achievements include being named one of the Picture This! Worldwide Picture Book Competition’s winners of 2018, and nominated by Edition Lidu Art Books Wanted for the Best Children's Book 2013.
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Marion is a graphic designer based in the south of France. She runs her own design business so she can realize more artistic projects and be independent while traveling. “This project immediately inspired me. As a woman, I wanted to celebrate femininity, beauty and curves. I am delighted to have been able to add my sensitivity to this special book, so precious in its diversity!”
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Matteo was raised in South Tyrol and started out doing graphic design and illustration for amusement parks. Now he’s a Character Designer working with Nickelodeon, Foot Locker, Wacom, Adobe, Casio, Scholastic and many others.
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Melissa Medina is a graphic designer, art director, and children’s book author in Los Angeles. Her award-winning work has been featured in Print, How, Communication Arts, The New York Times and Publishers Weekly, among others.
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Mercedes is an Argentinean graphic designer with a passion for oriental culture and Japanese anime in particular. She currently lives in San Francisco and works as an editorial designer for a tech magazine.
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Mercedes is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she’s an Art Professor at The University of Buenos Aires. Her work is deeply influenced by music, books and childhood nostalgia. “It feels good to be able to contribute through my art to this social cause involving women around the world.”
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Mike is a 3D Artist based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. His work has been honored with various awards, including Webby Awards and International Design Awards (IDA), and selected by the Center Of Contemporary Artists (COCA). Mike recently had his first exhibition in a Miami based gallery.
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Ming is an illustrator living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His creations are spontaneous and revolve around animal-like humans in which he discovers the meaning in afterwards.
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Minji is an illustrator based in Seoul, Korea. She loves creating bold visuals composed of vibrant colors and simplified shapes. She has worked with Samsung, Nivea, Nike and many other brands, and have had exhibitions in the United States, UAE, China, and Korea. 
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Cyndi is an independent illustrator and artist from Taiwan where she has worked with brands like Vogue, Djeco, Longchamp and Nespresso. Her book ‘Taste of Lover’ tells stories not just by words or illustrations, but both.
 “Boobs are body parts that are subtle, tranquil and a source of vitality and love that all newborns need the most. It is the emblem of the female that serves the purpose of life nourishing and aesthetic.”
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Moritz is a Hamburg based Illustrator mainly working for magazines and newspapers like The New York Times, Zeit Magazin and Hohe Luft. Moritz especially loves drawing strange combinations, cars, mobile phones and airplanes. So, he was super delighted to finally be able to draw a plane with Boobs!
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Neda is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Bursa, Turkey. Previously Senior Designer at an advertising agency, she now works as an independent, with an expertise in nonprofits. 
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Nikko is a Filipino American illustrator based in Los Angeles. He graduated Art Center College of Design in 2012. His work is very intuitive and often portrays anthropomorphic characters in every-day-life situations. A lot of his influence comes from music, old films, pop culture, and his dog Charlie.
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Ofelia is a Spanish collage artist and Art Director. Her visual universe is starred by strong women to which she transmits her experiences, feelings and her inner world.  "Breast cancer is a disease that has touched many people around me, so I wanted to treat it as a tribute to each of those women whose faces, names and surnames I know. They are all heroines.”
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Pablo lives in the foothills of the Andes mountains where he draws all day long from morning to evening. He does work for brands from all over the world, like Facebook and Men’s Health, including several publishers and wineries.
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Paloma is a Spanish painter and illustrator living in London. She has received the University of Seville’s National Award for graphic design.  “In my life I’ve been affected by cancer many times, so I take any opportunity to fight against it. Also, boobs are a great subject matter!”
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Paula Cruz is an illustrator and designer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her work unites design and text and she studied the masters of Dutch typography and design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Holland. Clients include Google, YouTube, O Globo Journal and more.
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Pavel is an illustrator and animator based in Boston. “This was the first project for which I had to draw a female breast. I’m pleased it was for such a good cause!”

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Pedro is a freelance illustrator, based in Florianopolis, Brazil. He works in editorial design, motion graphics, branding and icons for web, always using illustration as his base. Clients include Netflix, Ford, Universal and many more.
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Rafael is an Illustrator and Animator based in Berlin and Rotterdam. He’s worked for a wide range of clients like Pepsi, Google and Adobe. “I´d like to dedicate my contribution to our good friend Yanou.”
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Sam is an illustrator based in London, UK. He’s the Ex-Senior Illustrator at Culture Trip and lectures in Illustration in his role as an Industry Mentor. Clients include Apple, Twitter, Blue Moon, New Scientist, Fortune Magazine, FC Barcelona and many more. “I lost my Mum to cancer 2 years ago, and I've seen first-hand how devastating this disease is, so I felt it was important to contribute to this amazing project and raise awareness and money to help prevent and beat it. This piece is for Mum.”
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Sebastian is an Argentinian illustrator who creates colorful characters using big bold shapes and strong lines. Originally an animator, his experience allows him to develop a unique style of illustration. Notable clients include, Apple, UBER, Warby Parker, COLLINS, The New Yorker, Venmo, WeWork, CNN and Soul Cycle.
Check out Sebastian’s website


Claudia Alexandrino is a Portuguese illustrator based in Milan. The woman is the main subject of her works. Irreverent, sincere and without masks, one who tells the truest facets of the reality of every woman. Claudia is the co-founder of Ladies Drawing Night Milano.
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Soña is an award-winning Rotterdam-Seoul based artist who finds her inspiration from her own imaginative world with inventive characters, witty stories, and vivid, neon colors. “I remember the very first moment I wore a bra. What is this ridiculous thing I have to put on to be in public? Recently, my courageousness allowed me to get rid of it. I felt freedom, like I got my lost masculinity back after a long time.”
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Stavros is from Thessaloniki, Greece, where he studied graphic design at AAS College of Art & Design. His work focuses on illustration with clients primarily advertising agencies, publishing houses and magazines all around the world. His love for the arts gives him strength and fuels his optimism for the future.
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Stef is an award-winning artist based in Brussels, Belgium. A former Art Director, he has a degree in graphic design and tries to make serious work but it mostly ends up with a surrealistic twist, involving coffee-drinking birds.

“My mother in law, two sisters in law, my aunt and some friends have all been diagnosed with breast cancer. And although more and more people do recover, there is still a need for more research and support.”

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A branding and design studio established in 2015 in Mexico City by a designer and a musician who believe that design is a joyful journey where you make friends, not just clients. Approaching women's health from an artistic point of view helps break taboos and bring awareness to how important it is to explore ourselves without fear.


Takuro lives and works in Japan. After graduating from art school, he worked for an advertising agency as a graphic designer and now works widely as an illustrator / designer, specializing in the areas of advertisement, editorial and TV.
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Tamara is an Indonesian illustrator and graphic designer living in West Java. Most of her images are made in homage to growth and self-cultivation. “Educating and spreading awareness about women's health is one of the topics I'm most passionate about because I think we owe it to our mothers, sisters, and daughters all over the world.”
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Tanmaya is based in Portland, Oregon and have exhibited her “fascinations with the human condition” (AKA artwork) in Santa Fe, Hong Kong, Sydney, New York, and Berlin. She has been featured in Sydney Morning Herald, Hi-Fructose, New American Paintings, Artnet, and Vogue. Her featured artwork from the series “Genoneonology” is entitled "Don’t mess with my Lightsaber and me".
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Ulises is a Mexican illustrator, art director and visual artist living in Barcelona. Inspired by the traditions of his country, his art reflects bizarre and psychedelic combinations. Ulises has worked with Slanted Magazine, Penguin Random House and El País and has been exhibited in Mexico, Italy, Spain, Scotland and Costa Rica.
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Veronyka is from the Czech Republic. Her art lives in the intersection of illustration and animation — working in media from printed books to interactive installations. She’s glad to have included hairy nipples in the Boobs book, even if fairly abstract.
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Viktoria is a German illustrator based in Berlin who creates all sorts of illustrative artworks and she gets her inspiration from everyday life and the peculiar habits of humans. As a radical feminist this topic is very dear to her because boobs in all shapes and forms are simply here to give life.
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Yeye is a multiple award-winning illustrator in Münster, Germany. His art is happy and colorful and his style is inspired by the 1930s cartoons by Max Fleischer and Walt Disney. He likes soccer, a sidecar cocktail and the Beatles movie Yellow Submarine by German illustrator Heinz Edelmann.
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YONIL is a Tel Aviv-based artist, illustrator and graphic designer. His work ranges from surreal imagery and personal art to gig posters, music albums and branding projects. He has been published in Magazines and books like IdN and Illustration Now!
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Zuzanna is a Graphic Designer slash Illustrator living in Poland and working worldwide. Whether working with branding, animation, or illustration she’s always all about colors and personality.  “I'm grateful to be part of this boobalicious book and promote awareness of breast cancer.”
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