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A graphic project aimed at enhancing primarily the territory, dialect and traditions of the native place through illustrations, graphics and artistic projects such as murals.

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Sarkodit is a freelance illustrator from Indonesia. Having a love of design since childhood, when he learned to draw from art books, he is happy to now be part of an art book himself. He has a degree in Visual Communication Design.

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Design & development company, that made Boobs website happen. With a knack for blending mesmerising design and cutting-edge tech, they create websites and apps that convert. They’ve had an opportunity to collaborate with NGOs or companies that support fighting various social and environmental issues.


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Communicating ideas in a simple, attractive, and sometimes comical way, Aless’ work combines bright colors, flowing shapes and cultural references. She is currently based in Montréal, Canada, and she hopes that her contribution to this book will serve to honor women and femininity around the world and help spread knowledge about breast cancer and prevention. 


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Alexis is a Mexican Graphic Designer / Illustrator based in California. His work has been exhibited in places like Jamaica, Greece, South Korea, US, Mexico and South Africa.


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Ana is an award-winning illustrator and designer from Tbilisi, Georgia. She loves playing with shapes, composition and color and creating warm ambiances and combining strict, geometric shapes with more free and natural lines. Clients include Adobe, BAFTA, Daimler, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and many more.

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André is a Brazilian comic artist based in Italy and author of the books Fim do Mundo e Grande, published in Brazil and Europe. His works are distinguished by portraying tropical landscapes, scientific illustrations and social themes.

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Carolina is an illustrator, designer and art director from Buenos Aires, Argentina, working in digital and print, posters, magazines, animations and books. Her illustrations have personality and boldness in a context where everything is possible. Surrealism and expressionism, painters and artists, mixed with current trends and the complexity of botany are amongst her biggest inspirations.

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Calvin is an American illustrator based in Rotterdam who experiments with basic lines & shapes, and finds harmony by bridging the gap between structure & chaos. The results are colorful, retro & playful. Clients include Le Monde, IWC Schaffhausen, Holland Casino, Cities Foundation, Target and many more.

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Catalina is an animator and illustrator from Medellín, Colombia, who loves to illustrate clothing, people, places and to combine vibrant colors, textures, organic shapes to create emotion. Clients include Snapchat, Procter & Gamble, Avianca, among others. “I think this book comes in a moment where it’s important to think and rethink our relationship with the female body, the body as a territory, and deconstruction of femininity.”

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