This book is also not about the size or appearance of any boob, or even about having them or not. Big boobs, small boobs, no boobs – it doesn’t matter. We favor no one and include everyone. You, you and you – everyone gets a boob.

Instead, this book is about what boobs symbolize. As an icon, these fascinating, visually striking, biological wonders of cultural importance transcend language, yet throughout history they have often been misunderstood and mishandled. Boobs are the basic symbols of life, freedom, prosperity, joy, safety, sex, independence – not to mention food – and they tirelessly bear the promise of a brighter future. After you finish reading this book, you may ask yourself, why, is there anything a boob can’t do?

And last but not least, this book is about how to care for your boobs. Our number one goal is to inspire boob health and self-examination, because the battle of the boob when it comes to breast cancer is one we will win. Therefore, all profits from the sale of this book will directly benefit various breast cancer organizations.

Now then, let our boobs invite you to share a giggle, reflect, and impress on you something new. Then, let’s look beyond the boobs, at the larger picture of what it means to be a woman, a man, a human. Women, this one’s for you. You strong, resilient, gentle, loving yet powerful souls. We look up to your natural beauty and wisdom. Whoever you are, whatever kind of boobs you have, you inherently have the magic. Know that we could not do life without you.

So then, in boobs we trust, and in women we believe. Hail the boob! Hail all women! The future belongs to you so please be strong for us all, and let your boobs lead the way.